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When applying for any sort of program, it’s best to have your online presence and resume in order. This page will review best practices for building your resume, developing an online portfolio, and applying for programs.


Your resume should be a highlight reel of what you’ve accomplished so far and should lead the reader to see what you’re capable of!

Order Matters

Put the most important content first. For students and early career professionals, you education should be at the very top. That lets potential employers know how far along you are in school or how recently you’ve been working full time.

Be Brief!

Try to limit words on your resume, this document should be quickly skimmed by a reader and the quality of your words far out-weights the quantity. Try to remove any repeating content.

Section by Section


  • List your majors and minors
  • If you have space and limited experience, highlight relevant coursework under the degree. This helps the reader understand how far along you are in your program and what to expect.
  • Make sure your expected graduation date is clear


A skills section

Online Profile

  • GitHub Pages
  • LinkedIn
  • Corporate Intranet


GitHub Pages

Here is an excellent tutorial on building your GitHub pages website!

The best way to reach me is through e-mail or a LinkedIn message.